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A World Where Kurt is Evil

In an alternate universe there is a show called Adam’s Apples. It’s the story of a college level glee club at a performing arts college. The characters are a rag-tag group of weirdos and hipsters helmed by the charismatic out-gay lead, Adam. The fandom of this show hates one Kurt Hummel and his mysterious finance Blaine Anderson.

Seriously though, think about it for a second. If this were a show about Adam, we wouldn’t need to change the plot or the scenes at all and Kurt would be the king of the douches. Adam would think they’re dating. Kurt thinks they’re friends with benefits. Kurt would go away for a wedding and we’d learn in the next episode that he cheated on Adam, even though Kurt didn’t think they were exclusive, with some dude named Blaine. Then, Kurt would return from another trip, where Adam still thinks they’re dating and Kurt is now engaged.

In this reality, people would write meta about what a horrible person Kurt is and what it says about Adam’s psyche that he keeps forgiving him. Fan fiction would depict Kurt as the distant, sometimes abusive boyfriend that fandom’s OTP has to overcome to end up together. The OTP would probably be another one of the Apples, just to make things fun we’ll say it’s the one played by Joey Richter.

Now, because the show is Glee and I have been a Kurt fan from day one and a Klainer as soon as Darren Criss sang Teenage Dream the first time, I will forgive our sweet Kurt of every infraction, including the potential crushing of Adam’s heart. It’s just funny to think that our sweet baby penguin turned sex god could be the villain without one word being rewritten.




omg darren. omg.

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abcs of darren criss | p -> pink sunglasses

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A Moment of Glee: Darren Criss Really Loves Hanson

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he is the most disarming mix of precious and fuckable, i just can’t

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